back in end of 2014, so many things could happened in a year!

Okay Dec 2014, so here I am, migrated to new country. Again.
It has been 3 and a half month I am here in China. Without ability to communicate in Chinese. But yes, here I am. People asking why I am here and curious how I live here without knowing Chinese. Yes. My self also asking the same question to me. Why I am here and ridiculously without knowing the languages.

Honestly, struggling with loneliness, made me came back here in this blog. Surprisingly, my own writing from like mostly 2-3 years ago could help myself to reflect and gave me strength!!
Read back, I also realized that I faced the similar situation back there, when I first moved to SG, in my first 4-6 months. Loneliness and felt lost.
Same case. Same old. Different location. Different age.

Yes, I must admit that the 4th year of my life in SG, it has been changed so much compared to the 1st year. In last year, I had so much fun and friends, and income, and even I had girlfriend who just left me being single again on last week.

Then, somehow it gives me hope to know that this loneliness and lost feeling just happened because of the new place, new people, new environment, changing from a relationship to be single again.
And hope that it will be better faster this time! I don’t want to wait until 2 years till I find true friend or girlfriend, please… 😀 Hope it can be just happened tomorrow!

Okay.. I must also admit that when the time of being lonely, I do closer to God. Everything I wrote and read was about God. Then I tend to forget Him when my life was okay. Even worse I don’t even care about Him when I was with my last girlfriend. I am sorry God.. 😦
Maybe this time God really caught me again, to have nothing, to have nobody, so I can be nearer to Him again and read and write a lot? Yes.
Hope I can do better this time. And still. I ask for partner to live this journey again.

Yup.. let us continue this journey again, after a while I paused.

Let us make better journey right now. End of 2014. Soon to be 2015. New year, new hope.
Above all. don’t lose HOPE!! 🙂


I Finished Reading a Book! Be All You Can Be – John C Maxwell

Flying to Bangkok earlier this month, finally I completed read this book by John C Maxwell. Thanks to my smartphone’s stupid battery that died before my flight, so that I could finish this book! 😀

Why at first I bought this book. Caught by its title, cause those days I felt lack of motivation while part of me still dreaming something big. So the title told me to Be All I Can Be!

These were some of great quotes that I noted and highlighted for myself, may also could be somehow good for you? 🙂

  • “Why don’t we always abide in Him? Pure lack of obedience. We begin to think that we can do it on our own, we begin to have an unhealthy self-confidence instead of a Christ-confidence. “

  • “What is success? It is the privilege of contributing to the betterment of others.”

  • “God is interested in your development, more than he is in your mistakes.”

  • “The value of a vision is that it encourages you to give up at any moment all that you are in order to receive all that you can become.”

  • “Once you’ve had a glimpse of what God can make of you, you’ll never be satisfied with what you are now.”

  • “A purpose will cause you to: pray, unite, risk, plan, observe, sacrifice, expect, more than ordinary people.”

  • “In matters of principle, stand like a rock. In matters of taste, swim with the current. Learn to be flexible in your life. The greater the man, the more flexible he is.”

  • “Great leaders learn how to say, “I am sorry” more quickly than followers.”

  • “A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats the little man.”

  • “Commitment starts with the little things in our lives. Don’t make a commitment today to win your world for Jesus. Make a commitment to win one person to Jesus.”

What do you think of those?

This is link to another review for this book:

Still bunches of great quotations I found in this book. Please explore those if you want to find more.

Wanna find a new one for reading, for my next trip! 🙂



God is Good?

God is good.

Those words just seems too familiar until I can’t really feel the meaning inside. Seriously, God is good. Then what? I know He is good. Everybody knows. Or somehow knows but very often feel the opposite, that God is not fair? Or He is just playing game, which title is “our life”?

God loves us.

Those another boring and just common words! He loves us and I know it very well until I can’t feel the love any more. It’s too general, isn’t it?


When I didn’t even think about it, the spirit inside me just made me realize. God is really good and He loves us, indeed. Even we are the sinners, He is still good and still loves us. Isn’t it that God is really great God?

Me, the sinner, the bad guy, this morning felt once again that God really gave us more than what we deserve. You know what, I am, bad guy, but He prepared for me to know a perfect, beautiful lady, to fill my emptiness. A lady, that loves God so much, and full talented, willing to be a part of this bad guy. Isn’t it only by God’s grace?

What am I? What do I have? Nothing. But He gave me this wonderful life. Why? Because He is good, and He loves me.

Even before I know Him, He never leave me, He always be with me. Even before I know Him, He took care of me! Without I even prayed or said any request. Even though I don’t know how to pray.

He loves me. And He loves you too, all of His own creation. Seriously, feel His love. And love Him back. I will. I’ll try. To love Him.

I may not perfect. But I want to love Him, with everything that He gave me first, coz He loves me first as well.