1 book for 1 month

One of my 2011 resolutions is: –Β 1 month, at least read 1 book-

January: Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom

End of the month status: not finished yet 😦

Tried harder to finish the book and to be better in next month! Yeah! πŸ˜€


Singapore.Β Jan 31, 2011


Allright! Tumorow has already the end of February.. πŸ˜€

And guess what, I believe you can guess it!

Yes, even the January one haven’t finished. I even didn’t touch it!

Ooo nooo.. what happen with my life, terrible, right?!

Never give up to try be better in next month.


It’s Okay for Being Tired

Never feeling tired of the work of God!

It’s such a sentence that often come to our ears.

And you know what.. That sentence also come to me, and suddenly make me feel unworth to work in His field.
It’s because I often feel tired, also too lazy to go on, further, feel so weak until I decided to run away.

But today, HR, the pastor in our local church, told us that “Hey, IT”S OKAY FOR BEING TIRED”
In essence that, being tired is so humanist, but as believers, we believe that although we’re tired, although seems don’t want to go and can’t go further in His work,


That’s the point!

So, It’s not true if the “good” Christian never feels tired when in work to serve Him.

Our bonus is, when we feel tired, He gives us strength to through it!

Cheers! πŸ™‚

The Journey is About to Begin..



First month in 2011..

Great time to begin this journey.


After a long long time struggled in my head, finally this blog is come out. I don’t know yet what is the main target of creating this blog. I just know, I have to make it, and by doing the first step, the rest is going to follow.

By hoping that this little journey could make a big influence to even a little thing in this world, I start it by faith.

Honestly, I am not a good writer. I cannot write a good sentence and my english is a mess. But let’s try, to make it not perfect, but useful and can be used as God’s blessing for you all.

Alright, lets begin our journey, hope can start soon with a good story and will continue until reach it purpose.



Singapore, January 16, 2011.