Eternal Flame

I was there, with them.. People that must be familiar for me, but i just didn’t recognize that time..

I was there, with a water gun in my hand, and everyone also holded one.

So everybody was busy to shoot each other with a water gun.

Then the strangers came, they light some flames. Lots of it, small small spots of flames.

It was beautiful. I like that.

Short time, it became big fire, that almost came to us. D*mn it, I know it would burn us shortly, so we pointed the water to the fire. Suddenly shocked, because it cudn’t turn off.

And I cud hear the strangers said that, the fire is an eternal flame.

It cudn’t turn off by the water, or anything else in this world.

And it’s just a warning for us, for me specially.

One last chance. When I’m not willing to change, that would be the condition of the end.

I also remembered about Isaiah. The strangers said something about Isaiah Chapter of the Bible. And about the big turtle.

Then after that, they turn off the fire, and I was waken up from my “warned dream”.


I scared to death. And finally I realized what they were talking about something to change. Yah, my mistakes, my old bad habit, God really sick about it. Faith that I can change it when I walk with Him! And save me from the eternal flame. Scary. Thanks God, still love me, and give me another chance.


SG, 27022011



There Will be a Day

There will be a day with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears.. 🙂
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What about having the world.. but having no one to share?

What about having all the universe.. but having no body for showing up?

What about having all the people.. but having no one to care?


Damn bullshit


The world is become just the worst, and nothing worth it to have


Just one thing, accompany..

Give them accompany, because this world is too big to walk alone. Just too big to hold alone, and too big to live alone.




Running Away

“Adam hid in the Garden of Eden. Moses tried to substitute his brother. Jonah jumped a boat and was swallowed by a whale.”

“Man likes to run from God. It’s a traditions.”

(Mitch Albom-Have a Little Faith)

Me.. now.. maybe can considered as running away from Him.
This is not the first time, not even the second or third.
I’ve run away for many times.

Until now, He could always catch me and bring me back.

I hope He will do it again now.

I like to run away, but I love when I know that He always run to catch me back.

God, please don’t give up on me..