Eternal Flame

I was there, with them.. People that must be familiar for me, but i just didn’t recognize that time..

I was there, with a water gun in my hand, and everyone also holded one.

So everybody was busy to shoot each other with a water gun.

Then the strangers came, they light some flames. Lots of it, small small spots of flames.

It was beautiful. I like that.

Short time, it became big fire, that almost came to us. D*mn it, I know it would burn us shortly, so we pointed the water to the fire. Suddenly shocked, because it cudn’t turn off.

And I cud hear the strangers said that, the fire is an eternal flame.

It cudn’t turn off by the water, or anything else in this world.

And it’s just a warning for us, for me specially.

One last chance. When I’m not willing to change, that would be the condition of the end.

I also remembered about Isaiah. The strangers said something about Isaiah Chapter of the Bible. And about the big turtle.

Then after that, they turn off the fire, and I was waken up from my “warned dream”.


I scared to death. And finally I realized what they were talking about something to change. Yah, my mistakes, my old bad habit, God really sick about it. Faith that I can change it when I walk with Him! And save me from the eternal flame. Scary. Thanks God, still love me, and give me another chance.


SG, 27022011



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