Is there any dream or hope that always stay in your mind but you pretend not to have it?
And after somewhile, become a big portion of stressing and you cannot even bear it.
Than blow up as a LIFe SUckS!

In this journey of life, I learn to love and to be loved.
Here, now, no one. Extremely no one but myself in this lonely world.

Then once I stop to stare for a while, there’s not evening a light.

Impossible, isn’t it?

Suddenly, but sure..

Couple of days after writing the LIFE SUCKS on my micro blog page,

I found the sentences that awake me!

“Whenever you use the word “impossible” expect laughter from heaven. “With God all things are possible” Mt.19:26
Never let an “impossible” problem intimidate you. Let it MOTIVATE you – to trust more, pray more, expect more from God.” -Rick Warren-

Haha.. heaven must be laught at me a lot for I often use the word “impossible”.

Let’s change it to I’m Possible, huh?? šŸ˜€

So that, there’s nothing impossible because the impossible itself said I’m Possible!

Enjoy life! šŸ™‚


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