Love -> to Give Vs Selfishness

Sitting alone at this Cafe, mind running with one thing.
Suddenly perfectly realize that I have to learn how to love correctly.

How, what’s wrong?

No, it’s nothing relate to this cafe at all.
This just appear in my mind.
Just happen.

Hmm.. What’s wrong with the way I did to love?

I always thought that I have given anything to somebody that I love.
But then I evaluate.
And prob God want me to know.

I give only if my gift have a good thing for me as well.
That include my money, efforts, time, anything.
I give not because I want to give.
The object is not to make receiver happy, but also sender, (Majority). Which is me.

Then I feel bad.

I thought I have a most wonderful love and sacrifice in this world!

But I was wrong.

This is selfishness in the name of love.

And this is even worse that the “munafik” things!

Let’s evaluate ourself. Do we give for receiver happiness?
Or we put US at the first place?

Let’s learn how to give. A pure give.
And learn how to love. A pure love.

Like our Lord gives and loves.

Singpost. Df cafe. SG.


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