Since It’s Not About Me..

this day,

I had terrible angry with the world!

Haha, can you imagine.. angry with the world,  how could it be?

Angry, with the condition, without having one that can blame.

Only me, and my struggle. Then hateeeeeeeeeeeee this thought!

Really frustated with this kind of never ending question, never ending excuse, never ending fear, never ending badddddd baddddd baddddd worrrriiieeeeeddddd. Darn!

And normally it will getting me down.

Yeah I was leading to down! BUt not that weak!

I just lead again to wake up..

Yea I hate a fact that I hate when people saying about appearance!

Then, since this life is not about me..

What I have to do is just believe in my God, the creator, my Lord.

It’s all about Him, and about them.

Them refer to the people out there, who need a savior.

He never sleeps!

He also experienced sorrow.

He know our heart, our prayer, even when we can’t find a word to describe it.

He Never Sleeps


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