Secret, Life, Zombie

Listening to the song “secret” by one republic while on the mrt.
I love the rhythm n cello melodies.

“my life is kinda boring”

I’m in the middle of this city that never sleep. Lots of money around my pocket. On my way to meet some friends in the heart of the city. Dinner in the middle of the ‘earthly heaven’.


I am not happy at all.

I feel I’m dying inside.

Where’s the direction? Where am I?
Who am I?
What am I doing?

I lost myself!

I’m dying in the middle of this journey.

Then i saw around. Zombie.
All was zombie. Nothing alive. No one human.

Where were we?

Cud somebody help us? Bring us life?

What kind of life is this? Are u sure u r alive?

R u sure u r happy?

No, I am not.

And I’m freaking out.

What am I gonna do? Is there anywhere that I can save from this?
Is there anyone who cud help me and release me from all of this?


Only my God that looking for me while others looking for God.

Then I hope this ’empty world will ending soon’
I mean. Stopped all the false happilly.
Become a true one.

Wish I cud standing still.
Like the verse that I’ve read tuday.

We can becoz of the strength that come from Him.

Don’t be a zombie..
Sin is scary thing.
Only in Him we can save from sin.
There’s no other wayl
Another choice is to become a zombie

Thanks God


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