Someday by Nina (Cover)

Someday someone’s gonna love me, gonna take your place..
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Someday you’ll gonna realize
One day you’ll see through my eyes
But then i won’t even be there 

I’ll be happy somewhere 

Even if i can’t

I know
You dont really see my worth
You think your the last girl  on earth
Well i’ve got news for you
I know i’m not that strong
But it won’t take long
Won’t take long

Coz someday, someone’s gonna love me 

The way, i want you to need me 

Someday, someone’s gonna take your place 

One day i’ll forget about you 

You’ll see, i won’t even miss you 

Someday, someday 

But now
I know you can’t tell
I’m down,and i’m not down anyway
But one day these tears
They will all run dry
I won’t have to cry
Sweet goodbye


Sing this song from deep down in my heart.

Years by years on my life’s journey has gone by, still have this damn feeling.

Then I have to force my self, and have to tell my self that


someday, and it won’t take long.. won’t take long..


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