You Know Better Than The Creator? Think again..

Two of friends came and visit me the whole last week.

They are here at the first time, never came before.

Then one of them, just call “human” began to text me some questions before arrived here.

One of the questions was

human: “is it far from the airport to your home”

I answered: “no, not to far

human: “but they said it’s far”

THEY? who are they? I am the one who live here, and I should be the one who knows better how far from the airport to my house, am I right to say that?

And this “human” won’t believe me? She asked but still listened to them more than listen to me?

ARGGGHHHHH I felt like frustated that time.

After reached airport, this “human” texted me again.

human: “should i go direct to ur house or office”

me: “office better, bcoz I can’t go back home early”

couples of minutes later

human: “i think i’ll wait at airport and we’ll meet at ur house

me: “allright, up to you”

At this point, I didn’t want to talk anymore.

Feel it’s still okay to follow what they want. It’s no harm at all. The only thing is, it’s not the best way. Not the best way for them.

Becoz I know the condition, I know the places, I now the timing.

Here. My Place. I am THE MASTER.

But they don’t want to listen to me. They feel like they know everything. They thing everything is easy.

Alright then, I let them did what they want to.


Then I listened this heart spoke to me.

Helooo human.. Human here it’s me. Coz I also considered as human.

How come?


I also do same thing with them.

I don’t want to listen to my MASTER. I think I am pretty good, pretty smart, till I choose my own way.

No need to listen to HIM, to His suggestion. Just me, becoz I know. Then see, I can make it my way??

Me and my proud!!!!

But over there, my MASTER smiling and He says “That’s not the best way for you, kid”

Then also my MASTER should a bit angry with me. Coz I always listen to them, rather than believe HIM, the MASTER, the CREATOR.

What a shame?!


2 points that GOD gently reminder me use my experience is:

– Do the God’s work first, not our bussiness first. (still so hard to do this point) ;(

– Always believe in Him, the Creator, the Master, rather then listen to they say or believe in our ability.


Thanks God for remind me. 🙂 using example guide, my own experience, my own feeling, my own journey.


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