Bad Guy Prayer’s

I’m lost in my own journey. Inside.
Tried to find my self. I just can’t find.
I’m too far. Getting used to. Begin to tell that it’s all acceptable.
Try to find happiness. Alone. Without anyone.

Happy to be me? Alone, free?
Not at all.
Can I go back home?
I dont’t have one.

Where can I go back? I have no place to rest.
Where should I go to? I have no purpose.

I’m just.. Lost.. Loser..

Should I pray?
How to pray?
Never pray. Don’t know how to pray.

I’m a bad guy. Very very bad.

Till I can’t show myself to my God.
Then I’m very afraid. I can’t pray anymore.

Just alone. Have nothing. Have no where. Have no one.

Does God listen to the bad guy prayer’s?

The one that can’t recover from ‘illness’ again and again and again.. Argh!

To be continued.. Sleepy here.. Night!


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