Defeating Time

Dear Time,

Why anything depends on you?

Seems like all needs to following you. Why? Why I cannot have my own pattern, my own life, my own journey and my own freedom to do what I wanted to do?

Without you chasing me or I chasing you..

Let see. I’m defeating you someday. I’ll do what I want to do, without you buzzing in my head to remind me it’s too late or not the right time.

Wth is the “right time”??

Everytime is the right time, isn’t it?

And please send my regards to the damn schedule.

I’m going to defeat you all, someday.




Post-modern era is running like crazy old man running for nothing. Time factor become so important.

What is it about? Nothing. I see nothing. We like chasing time, everytime! Actually, It is the reverse, it’s the time chasing us. What? It become the god!

Time is haunting with whispering us to be fast. faster. and faster. For what?

Growing up faster. Making money faster. Get married faster. Have a children faster. Children get married faster. Actually, it drives us to die faster!!!

Day by day. Wasting our life. Everytime not enough time. Everytime running with the time. Until we don’t even realize, years by years passing by, without doing something precious. And we are really run out of time, that time. And we can’t turn back time.

How bout me? Me also!

My time is so stupid like this:

“bed-bus-work-bus-bed” and when it’s coming for weekend or holiday, my precious time will become like this:


how come? it’s because i’m too tired on weekdays right?

Then I staring at what I want to do, my hobby, my things.

Get no time to do anymore.

How to do life like this?

I wonder why people can get enough time for work, themselves, others?

I can’t.

Prob because I’m too weak?

I’ll learn. Learn to find the way to defeat time. So that I can do something precious in my life.

Enjoying weather, sky, sea, scenery, mountain, fishing, and etc. Enjoying life. Enjoying God.

How? Need money right? No work, no money. Have work, have money, but no time. How can enjoy life?

There must be some way. I believe. and I will find that way. Someday. Soon.