Happy Ending God’s Version VS Hollywood Version

I’ve just read a book which title is When God Writes Your Life Story by Eric&Leslie.
No, I haven’t finished whole book,only 2 chapters of it.
That was great, and there was something that really sticked to my head till I feel that I need to write it down before I forget.

That was ‘happy ending’ story.
On this book, author wrote a story how we watched Hollywood movied without concerned because we believed that writer must had write a happy ending.
Yet funny if we sometimes very concerned about our life. When facing problem, we should not concerned becoz we should believe that God must wrote our life with a happy ending, no matter what was the problem, there must be some ways to solve it.

Smile appeared to me bcoz many time I also believed in te Hollywood movie writer but not in God who wrote my life story. Pity, isn’t it? 😀

Yeap, we need to put our trust in Him, who wrote our life story.. Over all, he is the creator, master of the creator, one and only creator. So He definetely wrote a happy ending story for all of us! 🙂 Cheers!

Can’t wait to read another part of this book. The book that I bought second hand, very cheap, only 5 bucks rather than 12 bucks! 😀

God Bless..


Miracle Did Happen! And will always do..

“Only miracle can let me pass this exam”

About two months ago I posted that sentence to my microblogging status.

That time, I faced a course, very difficult, and need to do the assignment to pass. I didn’t understand at all. Moreover, the software they used was totally new for me. Then. My simulation was failed. hahaha..

Then I posted that kind of status.

Actually I passed the class. Hahahaha. So amaze! The miracle did happen! 😀

Yeap, actually all the things can happen because of Him, the creator. We cannot do anything without Him. Totally cannot. Sometimes we feel like we need Him just when we need something big that we cannot do. For the small one, we just too arogant that we feel like we can walk alone without Him.

Only He can do anything.

Create small or big miracle.

Just us, need to stay silent sometimes to feel the miracle.

Too many miracle in our lifes, every seconds! Until we cannot feel it.

But thanks God, it did happen, and will always do.. 🙂

GBU.. 🙂

What Can I Do for You?

I was having my dinner. Didn’t pay attention to anything happen around me.

When suddenly I realized that an auntie, about early 70th age, talked loudly. To nobody.



Remembered that was not the first time I saw drama like that, I started thinking.

“How come they become like that?”

“What are they thinking of?”

“Will they open for help?”

“What can I do for them?”

There was a strange feeling appeared that time. Feels like I wanted to wake up from my table, seating near that auntie, brought a cup of tea for her.

What for? Hmmmm.. I guess she need somebody to talk? To save her so that others will thought that she was talking to me?

Haha, of course I just stayed there, sticked on my chair, got no courage to do what I was thinking of.

But really, I seriously think, there should be something to do with them.

Just don’t know how.

Scare to get scolded by them, bcos sometimes they are so fierce! Scare to get ashame.


– My heart feels so sad when I saw them. Moreover God, the one who created them, He must be very sad, more than I am, the only stranger who not knowing them. –

There will be a way, someday, somehow.. 🙂

Deep prayer for them..