Miracle Did Happen! And will always do..

“Only miracle can let me pass this exam”

About two months ago I posted that sentence to my microblogging status.

That time, I faced a course, very difficult, and need to do the assignment to pass. I didn’t understand at all. Moreover, the software they used was totally new for me. Then. My simulation was failed. hahaha..

Then I posted that kind of status.

Actually I passed the class. Hahahaha. So amaze! The miracle did happen! 😀

Yeap, actually all the things can happen because of Him, the creator. We cannot do anything without Him. Totally cannot. Sometimes we feel like we need Him just when we need something big that we cannot do. For the small one, we just too arogant that we feel like we can walk alone without Him.

Only He can do anything.

Create small or big miracle.

Just us, need to stay silent sometimes to feel the miracle.

Too many miracle in our lifes, every seconds! Until we cannot feel it.

But thanks God, it did happen, and will always do.. 🙂

GBU.. 🙂


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