What Can I Do for You?

I was having my dinner. Didn’t pay attention to anything happen around me.

When suddenly I realized that an auntie, about early 70th age, talked loudly. To nobody.



Remembered that was not the first time I saw drama like that, I started thinking.

“How come they become like that?”

“What are they thinking of?”

“Will they open for help?”

“What can I do for them?”

There was a strange feeling appeared that time. Feels like I wanted to wake up from my table, seating near that auntie, brought a cup of tea for her.

What for? Hmmmm.. I guess she need somebody to talk? To save her so that others will thought that she was talking to me?

Haha, of course I just stayed there, sticked on my chair, got no courage to do what I was thinking of.

But really, I seriously think, there should be something to do with them.

Just don’t know how.

Scare to get scolded by them, bcos sometimes they are so fierce! Scare to get ashame.


– My heart feels so sad when I saw them. Moreover God, the one who created them, He must be very sad, more than I am, the only stranger who not knowing them. –

There will be a way, someday, somehow.. 🙂

Deep prayer for them.. 





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