Nothing is impossible with God and he uses us to change the world

Change the World

by Debbie Zepick


It’s not out of reach

Is there anything impossible with God
He takes our mission
This flawed offering
And he breathes his Spirit life in what we bring

Can we ask too much
Do we really want to park right where we are
I ask for passion and a listening ear
For the one who gave it all wants me to hear

So I’m not afraid to tell you that I want to change the world
Can you see the Son shining in my eye
And I’m living on the edge because I want to change the world
To make a difference here before I die
Oh, ask me why

So I take the plunge
There is just no other way to learn to fly
Let go and test Him
Keeper of our dreams
As he buoys us life is bigger than it seems


If He shut the door, nothing we can do
If He opens it then we walk through

We count the cost
But there’s so much more ahead than what we’ve lost
When we go the distance
And we run the race
For the one who paid the price and set the pace



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