There is a place.. called HEAVEN

Its quite long time I never visit this web. Ha, maybe being too busy with life?

Until tonight, laying down on my bed. Sick. 😀

My sist once told me that sometimes God use sickness to force us to get rest. And here I am. Touched down by the flu virus, start to rest in a silence. Listening to God, being closer to Him, and got something to share here.


I was in my dark moment couple days ago, thought about my life situation.

Being alone working overseas with no family around, often feel loneliness and easily get homesick. Even some friends are always there, but its just different.

So I decided to take a short getaway home, and got shocked when I found that situation at home were not the same as when I left. Not the same as what I had inside my mind. Got some problems, and somehow it was not feel like home anymore.

Sadly, I came back to this place again and on my way back, I was thinking that I want to go as far as possible, find a new place, new people, where nobody knows me, where I can start with new me and my new relations, then find my new home.

Then the negative side of me started saying that the situation will still be the same. There won’t be a place without problem and pain. There still will be a part of my past come along with me, however far away I go. And the worst thing may happen, I will not find the place called home to come to.

Lucky me, my positive side quickly took over my mind.

When world say there’s no place that I can go back to, the Lord say that I have that place called HEAVEN.

Where is no pain, no problem, no hurt feeling, no sadness, no loneliness, no more suffering, and everything will be more than perfect as we can imagine.

And it is the real HOME.

Soon after that, another thoughts came in. Yea, I was happy to remind that there’s still hope, to feel like home. But then, I must prepare to go there from now on. Must be better day by day, closer to the owner of that place, listen to Him, do what His will, and spread this GOOD NEWS to people.

So if today you lost hope when your life turned wrong, just be reminded that this world is not our home. That’s why it doesn’t feel like home. We are here only for temporary and we are preparing to go home. HEAVEN.

Make sure we all well prepared so we can meet up there! Our HOME.


Enjoy this video from Jeremy Camp! God Bless You All.