I Finished Reading a Book! Be All You Can Be – John C Maxwell

Flying to Bangkok earlier this month, finally I completed read this book by John C Maxwell. Thanks to my smartphone’s stupid battery that died before my flight, so that I could finish this book! πŸ˜€

Why at first I bought this book. Caught by its title, cause those days I felt lack of motivation while part of me still dreaming something big. So the title told me to Be All I Can Be!

These were some of great quotes that I noted and highlighted for myself, may also could be somehow good for you? πŸ™‚

  • “Why don’t we always abide in Him? Pure lack of obedience. We begin to think that we can do it on our own, we begin to have an unhealthy self-confidence instead of a Christ-confidence. “

  • “What is success? It is the privilege of contributing to the betterment of others.”

  • “God is interested in your development, more than he is in your mistakes.”

  • “The value of a vision is that it encourages you to give up at any moment all that you are in order to receive all that you can become.”

  • “Once you’ve had a glimpse of what God can make of you, you’ll never be satisfied with what you are now.”

  • “A purpose will cause you to: pray, unite, risk, plan, observe, sacrifice, expect, more than ordinary people.”

  • “In matters of principle, stand like a rock. In matters of taste, swim with the current. Learn to be flexible in your life. The greater the man, the more flexible he is.”

  • “Great leaders learn how to say, “I am sorry” more quickly than followers.”

  • “A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats the little man.”

  • “Commitment starts with the little things in our lives. Don’t make a commitment today to win your world for Jesus. Make a commitment to win one person to Jesus.”

What do you think of those?

This is link to another review for this book:Β http://delightinggrace.wordpress.com/2013/01/25/book-review-be-all-you-can-be-by-john-c-maxwell/

Still bunches of great quotations I found in this book. Please explore those if you want to find more.

Wanna find a new one for reading, for my next trip! πŸ™‚




God is Good?

God is good.

Those words just seems too familiar until I can’t really feel the meaning inside. Seriously, God is good. Then what? I know He is good. Everybody knows. Or somehow knows but very often feel the opposite, that God is not fair? Or He is just playing game, which title is “our life”?

God loves us.

Those another boring and just common words! He loves us and I know it very well until I can’t feel the love any more. It’s too general, isn’t it?


When I didn’t even think about it, the spirit inside me just made me realize. God is really good and He loves us, indeed.Β Even we are the sinners, He is still good and still loves us. Isn’t it that God is really great God?

Me, the sinner, the bad guy, this morning felt once again that God really gave us more than what we deserve. You know what, I am, bad guy, but He prepared for me to know a perfect, beautiful lady, to fill my emptiness. A lady, that loves God so much, and full talented, willing to be a part of this bad guy. Isn’t it only by God’s grace?

What am I? What do I have? Nothing. But He gave me this wonderful life. Why? Because He is good, and He loves me.

Even before I know Him, He never leave me, He always be with me. Even before I know Him, He took care of me! Without I even prayed or said any request. Even though I don’t know how to pray.

He loves me. And He loves you too, all of His own creation. Seriously, feel His love. And love Him back. I will. I’ll try. To love Him.

I may not perfect. But I want to love Him, with everything that He gave me first, coz He loves me first as well.


Racing versus Ants

How to draw a cartoon ant 8

(This pic is not property of blog’s writer. Taken from google images)

There was a time when I was just reached home from work, felt exhausted and lazy to do anything.

I got some foods and I just put it on the dining table. Then I watched TV, too lazy to move or eat.Β 

After a little while, I felt hungry. So I got no choice, I had to move and get the food.Β 

But unfortunately, I didn’t know where they came from, that day there was some ants around the foods. Until I fed up and didn’t want to eat any more.Β 

From that experience, God had spoken to me 2 things in a different timing.Β 

Firstly, I had been taught that there is a part in my life that God wants me to participate on it. There is God’s work that He wants me to take part of it. But if I don’t want to take it, others will take it first, and God will give the chance to the one who willing to do it.Β 

Secondly, I had been taught that outside, there are a lot of people that need God or never know God. And if I don’t quickly go and get them, the people from Evil will get them first and we will lose those people’s soul.

So, have you been in that situation, when you want to do or get something, you lose the chance because you don’t fast enough to take the steps? Or you wait too long to help others, and you regret it? Because of fear, or laziness, or even try to close your eyes and pretend to not caring?

Yes me too. Wasted time to wait for the good timing, waited to long and ended up did not do anything. Lost somebody I loved because I was too scare to try. Regret to not putting enough effort to ask someone to come to church for Christmas celebration (which is tomorrow!). Diagnosed with the high bad cholesterol level in my 27th just because I was too lazy to do exercise and pick the healthy food.Β 

A lot of simple things, yeah?Β 

Yes I am trying to be better. Putting my effort to win my race versus ants. Do you also want to win your race? Or do you want to let the ants take your sweet things?

I believe that you all wants to win the race, don’t you?

Lets be the winner. Mostly in God’s work. Lets participate in it.

If you are a Christian, take your part in God’s work, to bring people to God.

If you are not a Christian yet, do you want to be one? Take the change before the ants come over you and you lose the chance.Β 

Don’t wait too long, time is moving fast. Jiayou!! πŸ™‚

There is a place.. called HEAVEN

Its quite long time I never visit this web. Ha, maybe being too busy with life?

Until tonight, laying down on my bed. Sick. πŸ˜€

My sist once told me that sometimes God use sickness to force us to get rest. And here I am. Touched down by the flu virus, start to rest in a silence. Listening to God, being closer to Him, and got something to share here.


I was in my dark moment couple days ago, thought about my life situation.

Being alone working overseas with no family around, often feel loneliness and easily get homesick. Even some friends are always there, but its just different.

So I decided to take a short getaway home, and got shocked when I found that situation at home were not the same as when I left. Not the same as what I had inside my mind. Got some problems, and somehow it was not feel like home anymore.

Sadly, I came back to this place again and on my way back, I was thinking that I want to go as far as possible, find a new place, new people, where nobody knows me, where I can start with new me and my new relations, then find my new home.

Then the negative side of me started saying that the situation will still be the same. There won’t be a place without problem and pain. There still will be a part of my past come along with me, however far away I go. And the worst thing may happen, I will not find the place called home to come to.

Lucky me, my positive side quickly took over my mind.

When world say there’s no place that I can go back to, the Lord say that I have that place called HEAVEN.

Where is no pain, no problem, no hurt feeling, no sadness, no loneliness, no more suffering, and everything will be more than perfect as we can imagine.

And it is the real HOME.

Soon after that, another thoughts came in. Yea, I was happy to remind that there’s still hope, to feel like home. But then, I must prepare to go there from now on. Must be better day by day, closer to the owner of that place, listen to Him, do what His will, and spread this GOOD NEWS to people.

So if today you lost hope when your life turned wrong, just be reminded that this world is not our home. That’s why it doesn’t feel like home. We are here only for temporary and we are preparing to go home. HEAVEN.

Make sure we all well prepared so we can meet up there! Our HOME.


Enjoy this video from Jeremy Camp! God Bless You All.





Nothing is impossible with God and he uses us to change the world

Change the World

by Debbie Zepick


It’s not out of reach

Is there anything impossible with God
He takes our mission
This flawed offering
And he breathes his Spirit life in what we bring

Can we ask too much
Do we really want to park right where we are
I ask for passion and a listening ear
For the one who gave it all wants me to hear

So I’m not afraid to tell you that I want to change the world
Can you see the Son shining in my eye
And I’m living on the edge because I want to change the world
To make a difference here before I die
Oh, ask me why

So I take the plunge
There is just no other way to learn to fly
Let go and test Him
Keeper of our dreams
As he buoys us life is bigger than it seems


If He shut the door, nothing we can do
If He opens it then we walk through

We count the cost
But there’s so much more ahead than what we’ve lost
When we go the distance
And we run the race
For the one who paid the price and set the pace


A Sinner

Friend A: “What are your religion?”

Friend B: “I’m Christian, how about you?”

Friend A: “I’m a sinner, never go to church, don’t have any religion”


Short conversation of the two friends of mine.

Dropped a smile on my face to hear that. πŸ™‚

Yeah, sometimes the very human thought:

Christian people are not sinners.

Sinners can’t enter church.

Hey! Who said that Christian people are not sinners?

We are also sinners! That’s why we are looking for God, looking for savior, to help us far from sin, to save us win against the evil. He even died for us to save us human because we all sinners!

And hey! Who said that sinners can’t enter church?

The fact that everybody has fallen to sin, we need hand in hand to help each other to find a rescue, that coming from our God. So, no body is right if not because of God save us. We all patient that need cure.

Just my thought, anyway, no offense πŸ™‚

There was an illustration: One time, Jesus knocked on a guy’s door. But the guy didn’t let Jesus come into his house because he need to tidy up and fix things inside. He asked Jesus to wait until everything was settled down before he could enter the house. Then Jesus told him to just open the door and let him come in. So that they could settle together.

So, this new year, please let Jesus come in to your life. So that he can fix you and save your life

God Bless! πŸ™‚