A Sinner

Friend A: “What are your religion?”

Friend B: “I’m Christian, how about you?”

Friend A: “I’m a sinner, never go to church, don’t have any religion”


Short conversation of the two friends of mine.

Dropped a smile on my face to hear that. 🙂

Yeah, sometimes the very human thought:

Christian people are not sinners.

Sinners can’t enter church.

Hey! Who said that Christian people are not sinners?

We are also sinners! That’s why we are looking for God, looking for savior, to help us far from sin, to save us win against the evil. He even died for us to save us human because we all sinners!

And hey! Who said that sinners can’t enter church?

The fact that everybody has fallen to sin, we need hand in hand to help each other to find a rescue, that coming from our God. So, no body is right if not because of God save us. We all patient that need cure.

Just my thought, anyway, no offense 🙂

There was an illustration: One time, Jesus knocked on a guy’s door. But the guy didn’t let Jesus come into his house because he need to tidy up and fix things inside. He asked Jesus to wait until everything was settled down before he could enter the house. Then Jesus told him to just open the door and let him come in. So that they could settle together.

So, this new year, please let Jesus come in to your life. So that he can fix you and save your life

God Bless! 🙂




What about having the world.. but having no one to share?

What about having all the universe.. but having no body for showing up?

What about having all the people.. but having no one to care?


Damn bullshit


The world is become just the worst, and nothing worth it to have


Just one thing, accompany..

Give them accompany, because this world is too big to walk alone. Just too big to hold alone, and too big to live alone.