Racing versus Ants

How to draw a cartoon ant 8

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There was a time when I was just reached home from work, felt exhausted and lazy to do anything.

I got some foods and I just put it on the dining table. Then I watched TV, too lazy to move or eat. 

After a little while, I felt hungry. So I got no choice, I had to move and get the food. 

But unfortunately, I didn’t know where they came from, that day there was some ants around the foods. Until I fed up and didn’t want to eat any more. 

From that experience, God had spoken to me 2 things in a different timing. 

Firstly, I had been taught that there is a part in my life that God wants me to participate on it. There is God’s work that He wants me to take part of it. But if I don’t want to take it, others will take it first, and God will give the chance to the one who willing to do it. 

Secondly, I had been taught that outside, there are a lot of people that need God or never know God. And if I don’t quickly go and get them, the people from Evil will get them first and we will lose those people’s soul.

So, have you been in that situation, when you want to do or get something, you lose the chance because you don’t fast enough to take the steps? Or you wait too long to help others, and you regret it? Because of fear, or laziness, or even try to close your eyes and pretend to not caring?

Yes me too. Wasted time to wait for the good timing, waited to long and ended up did not do anything. Lost somebody I loved because I was too scare to try. Regret to not putting enough effort to ask someone to come to church for Christmas celebration (which is tomorrow!). Diagnosed with the high bad cholesterol level in my 27th just because I was too lazy to do exercise and pick the healthy food. 

A lot of simple things, yeah? 

Yes I am trying to be better. Putting my effort to win my race versus ants. Do you also want to win your race? Or do you want to let the ants take your sweet things?

I believe that you all wants to win the race, don’t you?

Lets be the winner. Mostly in God’s work. Lets participate in it.

If you are a Christian, take your part in God’s work, to bring people to God.

If you are not a Christian yet, do you want to be one? Take the change before the ants come over you and you lose the chance. 

Don’t wait too long, time is moving fast. Jiayou!! 🙂


Bali Island, Indonesia


Monkey at Uluwatu

Bounty Cruise

Nusa Lembongan Island

Under Ground House at Nusa Lembongan

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple

Sunset at Tanah Lot

Sunset at Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Shiluet

Waterfall at Telaga Waja River

Kamboja Bali

Jimbaran Seafood

Sunset at Jimbaran

Redang Island, Malaysia

Great Guy from the Past

I’m laying on my bedroom’s floor now!
Yes. It’s for real.
No, not because a thief stole my bed..
I’m sleeping on the floor tonight is because my bed is occupied by a guy.
The great guy from the past.
My Grandpa.

He lives thousand miles away from my place and now he is visiting me. Uhm.. Actually he is not purposely visit me, but a doctor in my town. And he stay here. On my bed now 😀

Take a look at him now.. A weak old man. Use to feel lonely in his old age coz only lives together with my grandma and separated from their children.

But today he talked a lot!
About his succeed in the past. Childs. Grandchilds. Great grandchilds. Ghost. God. Fruit. Car. Me. Anything!
And I know how lonely he feels. Cos he likes to talk, but nobody around to listen to him. So lonely until he feels like end up his life.

You know what. This guy has some boys which are successful bussiness men.
Also some girls who are having good life.
Because of him. In the past.

He used to be a great man.
But he still can’t beat the time, the age.
Same with all the elderly around. I believe they were great people in the past.

We should respect them.
Cos because of them, we are here today, living a good life.
Everybody should spend time with parents and grandparents. At least visit them and listen to them.
I know its kinda boring and waste of time. Cos they always keep repeating the same story. But really they will be happy if somebody want to listen.

You and me maybe have a good job & good business today. But we will grow old someday either. And that is our turn to be great guy from the past.

Use your time wisely for the elderly. Since bcos of them, we’ve been blessed with all of great things in life.

May God bless u and ur family!